Author Topic: is there a blockland reigon in nation states?  (Read 2935 times)

Uh...what do you mean? A concentrated spot of Blocklanders or a Blockland place for LAN crap or what?

Nation states and i'll take thats as a no

That actually sounds like a really good idea.  I just glanced at the website, but I could probably set something like that up on my dedicated server.  Next person to post gets to be second in command!

I already started a nation. I am The Holy Empire of Asgadria.

Errr... Anyone want to start a region? We'll have to come up with 3 things.

An agreable name:
Blockland Alliance... etc

Or not. All you have to do is look it up here anyway.

Fact/Guid Book Entery:
The History of (subject to change) Blockland Alliance.

So what does everyone want to do?

Oh, anyone want to run for UN Delegate?
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I will lead um..... U.S.B.L (United States Of BlockLand)

Then... I'll run the Communal Worker's Party of Blockland! (CWPB)
Anyone else even playing though?

No. :cookieMonster: After a severe problem with my computer, I'm not downloading stuff I don't need. Thank you. :p

you don't sownload anything. and i have created Blocktopia as our reigon

O snap man, before reading the post above me I set up the Holy Empire Of Blocktopia XD