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Author Topic: blockland forums: the clan for anyone in the forums  (Read 5846 times)

so we thought that in this community, there are alot of blockland forumers!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we made this clan for anyone in the blockland forums. because there is not a alot of them among these other clans

to apply:
how many wood could a depressed mother chucked if a depressed mother could chuck would chuck wood?
tell me now.  do fish fly on land or is it a myth
was 9/11 a inside job
you must be a forum memeber

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listen to these pissed off satisfied customers

- as always, this is the real betel, signing off
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damn i thought you were betelgeuse for a second
im disappointed in you so
i quit the clan
(even though im not on the list)

I'm sorry but you signed the contract

I'm sorry but you signed the contract
the only thing i forgetin signed is out

gg OP, people are quitting the clan before they even join