What new map should I attempt to make/finish

Grassy outdoor hill map
ROBLOX Glass Houses
DOOM 1 e1m1 Hangar
DOOM 1 e1m2 Nuclear Plant
DOOM 2 map13 Downtown
City skyscraper roof map
ROBLOX Ultimate Paintball

Author Topic: Deathmatch Gamemode v25  (Read 62793 times)

This has been my baby for a few months now. I was working on another gamemode that I called LifeRP but it was taking a while and wanted to work on something that would be easy to work on and have a simple goal, to see how I would "complete" a coded, functional gamemode. I feel that this is in a polished enough state to be super public, used, and abused. This is a work of love for the Blockland game and for my newfound abilities to program. This was made after not seeing many simple or 'classic style' deathmatch games on Blockland for quite a while, and was fearing that the death of Blockland's own style was imminent, so I tried my hardest to create a new, easy to use, play, and host, gamemode. The aim of the gamemode is to provide a classic/fast/action/arcade/default/doom style experience, while being as plug and play and expandable as the default SpeedKart gamemode.

Author: piber20
Full credits can be viewed ingame with the /dmCredits command. There's a lot of integrated add-ons and code files.

Type /help into the ingame chat and it will provide you with a list of commands to help you use these features.

Map Rotation
The default SpeedKart gamemode was used as a base when I created this, and as a result that grants you the power of map rotation! After 5 (by default) rounds, the current build will be cleared, and another build will be loaded. You need add-ons prefixed with "DeathMatch_" that contain saves for this to work correctly. You can find a lot at the bottom of this post.

Expanded Map Features
Changes have been made to the map rotater to add more map-specific features. Each map can now have a unique weapon loadout i.e. a city themed map could start you with a gun while a castle themed map could start you with a sword and a bow. Each map can also specify if water instantly kills, and the main music of the map which will always play on the first round. You can also vote to change maps.

Custom Playertype
A playertype, named "Deathmatch Player", has been custom made for this gamemode. It has speeds comparable to the Quake-Like player, but retains the jump height of the standard player. As a bonus, it can also crouch jump, adding a half-life twist to it.

Categories and Themes
Each map can be sorted and themed, and you can choose to restrict the map rotator to only loading maps of a specific category/theme/both.

Integrated Weapons
Many classic and default styled weapon add-ons have been integrated into the gamemode. You don't need to download them, they are fully integrated into the gamemode as part of the code.There have also been a few tweaks to these weapons. Even the default weapons, including a weaker throw for the spear if you release it early. Again, you do not need to download any extra add-ons for these features, they are part of the gamemode's internal files.

Custom weapons
The gamemode features harmful versions of the default tools, allowing you to add them to weapon loadouts. There's also an edited rocket launcher that fires cannonballs. There's also a blockhead ray that turns non-blockheads (like horses) into blockheads, a pong gun, and a pinball launcher.

Changed key mechanics
Keys now show up in your HUD, and are never added to your item inventory. You can use keys just by activating bricks normally. This allows you to open locked doors for example without needing to switch to a key item.

Music - Can be disabled
Each round plays a random song based on the map's theme. Maps can also specify their main music, forcing it to play in the first round and adding it to the randomiser for that map. This can be disabled.

If you dont want to download music files, you dont need to! The deathmatch gamemode will check if you have the music files, and will go into a musicless mode.

Random rounds - Must enable it
Each round can have different gameplay styles, with set loadouts and playertypes.

Crouch Jumping - Can be disabled
More info: https://forum.blockland.us/index.php?topic=302417.0
Version 7 of my Crouch Jump server script is fully integrated, adding to the FPS-like gameplay. This also means you won't have to download my script for this gamemode to work. Player_Half-Life is also included.

Cooler deaths - Crumble can be disabled
Server_PGDie has been merged with the 007 death sounds bringing you some cooler death effects which should make deaths more entertaining.

Teams - Can be disabled
A custom, simple, and lightweight teams system has been made specifically for this gamemode. If you attack someone on your team, they will not be damaged. Everyone in a team shares points. Team chat works as you'd expect

Achievements - Must enable it
An achievements system has been integrated into the gamemode, providing challenges for your players. The achievements will work without any client mod.

Download GameMode_DeathMatch v25
Download Music Pack for v25 - Optional
Everything you need is integrated into the gamemode's code files, except for the default add-ons, which you should have already.

Ingame, you can set the gamemode up to load more addons, and the NewDuplicator will be automatically detected and loaded as well.

Check out these standalone versions of stuff found in this gamemode:
Old School Weaponset Modified
Simplified Key Hud
Weak Spear Throw
Modified Grapple Rope and Puller Rope
Modified ModTer

If you cannot access my website for whatever reason, please check the mirrors below:
View on Blockland Nexus
View on Blockland Glass
View on GitHub

You must have at least 1 map, otherwise you're going to be fighting in an endless ocean which does not change ever, which is not fun. See below for a whole bunch of maps.


Download All Official Maps

Community Maps

Abstath's Super Warehouse Map

A rather large enclosure built with sniping and explosives in mind - weapons are enclosed in crates and containers that must be blown up to be accessed.
View Topic

Original's SpeedKart Track Ports

Areas from SpeedKart tracks retooled to work as DeathMatch maps.
View Post

Bloo Kirby's Deathmatch Maps

A few maps, featuring Slate, Office, and CUBE.
View Topic
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Lite Version
This is a simplified and smaller version of DeathMatch GameMode.

Many features have been stripped out and cleaned up with the intention of simplifying the gamemode. The end goal is to leave the gamemode in a state where it could be mistaken as a default gamemode, or could be implemented into the game as-is by the creator of the game. (though unlikely)

- Many features from the DeathMatch main version have been stripped out.
- Addons included in the gamemode are no longer used, except for the akimbo rocket launcher which can be disabled.
- Non-default items have "proxies," they're replaced by default items when spawned or given to players.
- Maps made for the main version of DeathMatch should be compatable.

Download GameMode_DeathMatch Lite Version v2.1L

Making Maps
It's a similar method to making tracks for the SpeedKart GameMode:
  • Create/find/edit a save using only default brick add-ons.
  • Rename your save file to "save.bls"
  • Create an enviroment.txt file containing environment variables. The default speedkart tracks have examples of this.
  • Create a credits.txt and put the names of who made the save in it. Use only one line.
  • Create a description.txt and put a small description in it. Use only one line. This file is unique to deathmatch maps.
  • Create a config.txt. Expanation is provided below. This file is unique to deathmatch maps.
  • Make a new zip file and name it "DeathMatch_My_Cool_Map.zip"
  • Add all the above mentioned files to the .zip you made.

Making the map within the gamemode
Start the gamemode up, disable map rotation, clear all the bricks, (you dont want to be building with public bricks, and vehicles are broken with public bricks in singleplayer) leave the minigame, load or just start building a map.

Being outside of a minigame will make you immune to the gamemode's instant kill water effect. The gamemode will also load the newduplicator and fill can if you have them, and will also let you execute 5 more add-ons, which you can use to assist in building.

Another benefit of making a map inside the gamemode itself is you can easily spawn any item the gamemode has into the map. You still need to manually create your config.txt however.

Config.txt Settings
item0 - The first item players start with. Defaults to nothing.
item1 - The second item players start with. Defaults to nothing.
item2 - The third item players start with. Defaults to nothing.
item3 - The fourth item players start with. Defaults to nothing.
item4 - The fifth item players start with. Defaults to nothing.
item0alt - The first alternate item players start with. Defaults to nothing.
item1alt - The second alternate item players start with. Defaults to nothing.
item2alt - The third alternate item players start with. Defaults to nothing.
item3alt - The fourth alternate item players start with. Defaults to nothing.
item4alt - The fifth alternate item players start with. Defaults to nothing.
allowAltLoadout - Enables the second item loadout. The gamemode will pick between each weapon per slot randomly, this includes empty slots.
sort - The category of the save. Defaults to "Unsorted". Underscores must be used instead of spaces.
theme - The theme of the save. Defaults to "Themeless". Underscores must be used instead of spaces.
brickDamage - Set to true to enable brick destruction. Defaults to false.
music - The main theme of the map, which forces the song to play in the first round. Optional.
musicAll - Forces the main theme to play for every round if set to true.
killWater - Forces the environment water to the default height and has it instantly kill players if set to true.
teamColor1 - The color of the first team.
teamColor2 - The color of the second team.
teamColor3 - The color of the third team.
teamColor4 - The color of the fourth team.
force2teams - Set to true to force all team rounds to have only two teams.
force4teams - Set to true to force all team rounds to have four teams.

Item Datablock Names
Type one of these after itemX or itemXalt in your config.txt.
BowItem - Bow
GunItem - Gun
AkimboGunItem - Akimbo Guns
rocketLauncherItem - Rocket Launcher
spearItem - Spear
cannonLauncherItem - Cannon Launcher
pongGunItem - Pong Gun
TommyGunItem - Tommy Gun
homingRocketLauncherItem - Homing Rocket Launcher
blueLongbowItem - Longbow
blueSniperItem - Sniper Rifle
blueTranquilizerItem - Tranquilizer
greenCrossbowItem - Crossbow
greenGLauncherItem - Grenade Launcher
greenMortarItem - Mortar
orangeFlamethrowerItem - Flamethrower
redDisintegratorItem - Disintegrator
redMachineGunItem - Machine Gun
redRevolversItem - Akimbo Revolvers
redShotgunItem - Shotgun
AkimboRocketItem - Akimbo Rocket Launchers
redRevolverItem - Revolver
HandgunBItem - Hand Gun (Literal)
greenGLaunchersItem - Akimbo Grenade Launchers
slowRocketLauncherItem - Slow Rocket Launcher

swordItem - Sword
hammerWeaponItem - Hammer Weapon
wrenchWeaponItem - Wrench Weapon
printerWeaponItem - Printer Weapon
pinballLauncherItem - Pinball Launcher
chainsawItem - Chainsaw
fistItem - Fist
butterflyknifeItem - Butterfly Knife
airhammerItem - Airhammer
crowbarItem - Crowbar
redBaseballBatItem - Baseball Bat

pushBroomItem - Push Broom
PullerRope - Puller Rope
GrappleRope - Grapple Rope

blueCloakItem - Spy Kit
growKitItem - Grow Kit
shrinkKitItem - Shrink Kit
healthKitItem - Health Kit
shieldKitItem - Armor Kit
blockheadKitItem - Blockhead Kit
bouncyKitItem - Bouncy Kit

horseRayItem - Horse Ray
chickenRayItem - Chicken Ray
ShrinkRayItem - Shrink Ray
AntiShrinkRayItem - Grow Ray

horseShotgunItem - Horse Ray Shotgun
chickenShotgunItem - Chicken Ray Shotgun
shrinkShotgunItem - Shrink Ray Shotgun
antiShrinkShotgunItem - Grow Ray Shotgun

Valid Team Colors
These are valid words used to set the teams' colors in your config.txt.

Map Themes
Setting your maps to one of these themes will make the gamemode play music that should be fitting for that theme.
Each line below represents unique groups of songs for that bunch of themes. Themes named:
Facility, Base, Military,
Lava, Hell,
Pirate, Island, Ocean, Ship, Sea,
Urban, City, Town, Modern,
Medieval, Fantasy,
Egypt, Desert, Wasteland, Wild_West, Cowboy,
Spooky, Halloween,
Space, Space_Ship, Galactic, Science, Futuristic,
Ice, Icy, Winter, Christmas, and Snow
are all supported by the gamemode and will play select songs.

You can still type in anything else if you want. The gamemode will completely randomise the music in this case.
Underscores _ are replaced with spaces ingame.

Recommendations for Map Makers
You're not required to set every config value, but if you don't have a config file at all then players don't start with any weapons and the save will be sorted in the "Unsorted" category. Here is an example of a suitable config.txt:
Code: [Select]
item0 GunItem
sort Super_Cool_Maps
This will result in a map that spawns players with a gun, and can be categorised with "Super Cool Maps". It will also be "Themeless" as no theme was provided, which is perfectly fine if your map has no real theme going on.

You're going to want to have spawn points all over the map, and you might want to have a way to keep players enclosed, like invisible walls or full interiors. Open maps will lava or kill water should be fine without invisible walls. If you want to enable brick damage, make sure the players cant escape or do anything weird by fake killing your bricks.

If you're going to have ladders or other climbable objects, please dont require players to click on them, use onPlayerTouch instead. I feel it helps fast paced gameplay, and doesn't require players to have to stop and click on a bunch of bricks accurately. Leave the lower ladder steps unevented, so the players have to jump to start climbing the ladder.

Try throwing some keys in your maps! Only a few maps make use of the key system, which is a real shame as it's a really cool system.

It would be cool to have more maps with unique themes! There's only 1 ice map, 1 egypt themed map, and it would be cool to see a wild west themed map. Maybe even some space maps, like on a ship or a space station. Go crazy with it!

Recommendations for Server Hosts
You can configure the gamemode to your liking using RTB Prefs.

My chat emotes addon is also a good fit. You should be able to load it with the RTB Prefs, or you could just keep editing the gamemode.txt if you want.

- Kill water forces the water height into a set number, this was done so normal water bricks would still be functional and not kill.
- Vehcles dont spawn in singleplayer, unsure why.
- The way music is handled in the gamemode is very hardcoded, but if it doesnt know what the map's theme is it will just play a random song based on the songs it knows about.

Have fun!

You are allowed, freely, and of no charge, to edit this gamemode to your liking. Use this as a base to create your own unique gamemodes. All I ask is you credit me somewhere that someone can read in-game, and to not require people to pay money for this gamemode in any way, including microtransations in servers running the gamemode. Mods should be free for everyone.

Want to help me in the development of this gamemode?

Feel free to suggest changes and provide your constructive criticism. Don't make it nasty.

Check out the github repository. Feel free to create issues or pull requests and I'll take a look at it!

Want to discuss the DeathMatch gamemode or get in direct contact with me? Join my Discord server!
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oh this is awesome
« Last Edit: September 08, 2016, 10:58:54 AM by gr8dayseth »

this is pretty rad looking

If you want to get the idea of how it looks ingame, with the hud and everything, here:

This image also shows off the key system, you can see me opening the locked door even though I'm holding a sniper rifle. That's because the keys are no longer added to your inventory, they instead set a client variable which will let you trigger locked objects. The hud will tell you if these client variables are set. You only need to click or press your paintcan button (default e) to trigger locked objects.

Also there are more ways to get points, though compared to killing players for 100 points it's not that effective. You get 1 point for finding a treasure chest and you get 1 point for killing a bot.


Here's an image of what I'm working on right now:

Randomised loadouts and playertypes are a thing now, though I don't want to completely copy scenery's battlemix or visolator's(i think) randomiser. Currently I'm only going as far as to pick 3 random items and pick a random playertype from a list.

As a result of these randomised round types, I may add a few more item add-ons to the gamemode, but again I don't want to copy battlemix or randomiser, so I only want default styled/ classic weapons, nothing too over the top or too much of a gag.

Other things I've done so far:
- Those gray [------] hud things are removed. They were being used to represent spaces where the key stuff would go, but I decided it was unneeded. Key text will still show up there.
- I've changed a few things around in the code and added a new pref to allow changing the default round type. This works even without the random round type picker, so you could set it to Randomised and have every round be the randomised round for example.
« Last Edit: September 09, 2016, 07:37:33 AM by Crispy_ »

Going to host this tonight!

Sounds cool! I may submit an update soon, though. The random round type might make it more fun, along with the weapon add-ons I'm adding.

I found a few items in this rtb archive that I felt would fit in the gamemode. An airhammer, crowbar, magnum, shrink/grow ray (edited to use the printer model), SMG, and a homing rocket launcher.

I'm also welcoming some ideas for what to add. I don't want over-the-top weapons or tactic00l weapons, and want them to fit with the classic theme I have going on.

Alright I've updated this to version 7. This update adds:

- A possible fix for this:
- On first starting up the gamemode, the rounds system may not work.

- Randomised round type.
- Balanced Random round type.
In the Randomised round type, it picks 3 random weapons and a random playertype for each player as they spawn, but one will always be a weapon that fires damaging ranged projectiles.
In the Balanced Random round type, it still pickes 3 random weapons and a random playertype, but everyone shares these for the entire round. Because of this, we can take a risk and allow all the weapons to not be ranged ones, but one will always be a damage-dealing item in some way.

- Added my Half-Life-Like playertype.

- Added new items including an airhammer, crowbar, magnum, shrink ray, grow ray, SMG, and a homing rocket launcher.
You do not need to download them, they are integrated into the gamemode. I've also done a few edits and tweaks, like making the rays use the printer model.
This also adds more options for map makers.

- Changes to the game type system.
Mostly internal code changes and optimisations, but this allows for the next addition.

- Added /setDefaultRound command.
Allows a server admin to change the default round type to a different round type.

- Added a tiny bit of recoil to the tommy gun and sniper rifle.
This allows for smoother and higher jumps with the tommy gun, and the sniper rifle's recoil is just for cosmetic effect, its fire rate is too slow for its recoil to be useful.

- Probably more I forgot.

I recommend you type these commands into chat to utilise the gamemode to its full potential:
/setRandom on
/setRandomRounds on
/setMusicEnabled on

Whoops! Apparently something was broken, I need to remember to restart the gamemode before uploading instead of just executing code files to see the result. Anyway, now the gamemode should run. Redownload if you downloaded before this time.

Also sorry for the triple post, just want people to be notified.

Edit: After hosting for a while and got a good amount of players, I discovered a few things:
Homing rockets are way too overpowered.
Horses have way more health than other players
Normal size horses get stuck quite often when they spawn
The gamemode picks the default round type a little too often when you have randomised round types on
Large amount of bricks in maps will cause graphical errors (experienced this in blockheads ruined xmas)
Duplicate weapons are actually given quite often in randomised loadouts.
Default loadouts have no time to shine in randomised loadouts

What I may do to "solve" these:
- Make the homing rocket l fire only 1 rocket and make the rate of fire longer
- Add more playertypes with different health values, horses will be used as the high end. (they're sort of nerfed by bad strafing speeds)
- Edit every single map to make sure big playertypes dont get stuck when they spawn
- Tweak the randomiser to pick a random round type 2/3 times instead of 1/2 times (other instances picks the default)
- Try to optimise the maps
- Edit code to remove a weapon if it discovers the player already has that weapon, will end up appearing to the player like they spawned with two random weapons instead of three.
- Perhaps pick a random weapon from the map's loadout and place it in the fourth slot.
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Holy stuff, this is great. I'm gonna host this oneday

How is this simple this is loving awesome

How is this simple this is loving awesome
Hah thanks. The word simple is more from the perspective of server hosters, I'm trying to make this an easy to host gamemode.

Current progress:

I've added a few add-ons to the gamemode:
Chicken playertype (would be a funny gag especially in random balance, chicken war)
Old School Weapons, with some edits to change the colors of weapons.
Custom made Blockhead Ray, Pong Gun, Pinball L.
a few more playertypes

I've also done a lot of bug fixes and tweaks to make the gamemode more stable, including some edits to the maps so when I do an update be sure to redownload the maps as well. I might host this for a bit today just to see the current version in action before i release.
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this stuff is insanely nice

Add a zombie mode, pretty self explanatory.