Favorite Add-On(s)?

55 (16.5%)
Item Storage / RPGx
44 (13.2%)
Modter Interior Build Restriction
15 (4.5%)
Simplex Gen: 2D
18 (5.4%)
54 (16.2%)
Modular Terrain
52 (15.6%)
43 (12.9%)
Brick Plant Cost
10 (3%)
RPG Bot Tweaks
21 (6.3%)
Simplex Gen: 3D
2 (0.6%)
Day / Night Cycle Events
19 (5.7%)

Total Members Voted: 111

Author Topic: GSF Mods Metatopic  (Read 17272 times)

Yes but that's not my point. I want people to have access to events and score and minigames and such, but have to earn bricks...
Is there a way to only allow a brick to be activated inside a minigame? (Slayer or not?)
There are at least two scripts I'm aware of that can prevent certain output events from being used by non-admins, while also allowing events in general to be used by anyone. If I remember correctly, one was called "Restricted Events" - you might be able to find it on the RTB archive, but I'm not sure. The other is called "Support_AdminEvents" (made by Headcrab Zombie), which should still work.

I was planning on adding support for using a custom variable / field for currency in a future update, but output events would be the best way to modify player currency either way.

Gothboy77 has a coin mod, works great..
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Gothboy77 has a coin mod, works great..
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