Author Topic: Why isn't my weapon showing up in the weapon list?  (Read 2078 times)

yeah uh the thing is when you edit the contents of zips (by copying a file into it or removing a file from it) the game screws up. you have to do setmodpaths(getmodpaths()); if you're ingame and want to update the actual files blockland sees. you do not have to do this if you edit the contents of a folder, however, but if you make a new folder you still need to do setmodpaths(getmodpaths()); iirc.

I did the setmodpaths thing, will a simple server restart be enough to fix it?
Edit: checking now
Edit: heck it didn't.
Edit: oh wait it isn't even in my addons folder wtf
Okay trying this again to see if it'll work.
Hah forget me it doesn't work still. I'll try removing the gray squares from the code and see if that's the issue.
forget me again that didn't fix it either
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uh show us a picture of your folder location and its contents

you do not need to do setmodpaths(getmodpaths()) if you're restarting blockland/the server.


Code: [Select]
  CustomGameGui checking Add-On: Weapon_ProtoSword
Checking Add-On Weapon_ProtoSword
Loading Add-On: Weapon_ProtoSword
Add-Ons/Weapon_ProtoSword/server.cs Line: 1 - Syntax error.
Oh i think i see the problem i never fixed that syntax error. Lemme check.
so uh what would be the line 1,
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datablock AudioProfile(swordDrawSound)or
Code: [Select]
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Hold on I'm metaphorically literally handicapped I'm using the wrong .cs file
Let me try this .cs file and see if that fixes it.
edit: still a syntax error on line 1
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the server executes server.cs, not protosword.cs first. check your server.cs for syntax errors, and if you really cant find it, post the .cs files/the contents of the .cs files here