Author Topic: [controversy] people are claiming my lego build is racist  (Read 678 times)

Lego told me how to build it

wow i can't believe lord "the sultan of spores" tony hates black people and minorities

Tony it's native americans not indians

They come from Indiana

Tony it's native americans not indians
Actually it's "prairie mondays"

Lego told me how to build it
"officer, this advertisement from china told me to put black people in the washing machine to turn them white, they told me to do it!!!"

statistics show that over 5000 unarmed black minifigs are killed by police each year, and over 70000 are incarcerated in a lego prison each month. we need you to end this systematic oppression!...


build your own civil rights movement. protest peacefully and fight for the rights of your minifigs. the all-new LEGO(tm) anti-segregation tycoon, in stores now

the most underrated post in the thread

it certainly is. not only that but every corporation is inherently racist

racism only exists if you think that way - if people called you out for being racist over this build which was questionably unintentionally racist then that makes them racist, however if you think they are racist for thinking that way it makes you racist for thinking they thought that

get what I'm sayin'?

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Your build is racist. LEGO made the template sure, but LEGO didn’t put them right next to each other like that