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Author Topic: Blockland Super Cup - T2: Mt Panolanr, Blockurst - UPDATE 10: Track Demo Vid  (Read 5536 times)

The Second Track for the Blockland Super Cup Racing Tournament! The track is Mt Panolanr, Blokurst (Pronounced Mt Pan-o-lanr, Blok-urst)! Based on the real life racetrack in Australia Mt Panorama, Bathurst. It will be completed.

Brick Count: 282K - Previous was 278K

Any and all help is very appreciated.
If you don't want to help, thats fine I'm not forcing you to.
I will be hosting under the name "The Sir Rolfe's BLSC Mt Panolanr Build"

We will be using as many up to date sources that have images (Example: Google Maps, Official Websites etc.) so that we can get as close to accurate as possible.
As time goes on I will post updates on the progress and additional information as well.

Track Demo Video for Mt Panolanr, Blokurst:

The Vehicles:
Vehicles will range from F1's and Sports Cars to Motorbikes and Dune Buggy's (The Buggy's will be for a special track). SuperKarts and SpeedKarts will most likely not be used due to they are very common for racing and do not bring anything new. All they bring is lots of ramming and flying out of maps. I also hope that Filipe1020, who's vehicles will be primarily used, though I am looking for others, doesn't mind them being used.

The ones above are confirmed by me and others to work around the track, but here is a list anyway:
Cars that Work:
All Superkart Vehicles
All Kei Cars
Crown Victoria Cars
Lozere (Kinda)
All Citi Mk2 Vehicles
Rodeo Series
The Evolution Series
Ferrari Rosso
Default Jeep
Bike Pack
DeLoreon Pack
Cars that Don't Work:
Bolt (Bugatti Vayron)
Freestyle Buggy
DIRT Modified

Main post:
Main post: https://forum.blockland.us/index.php?topic=303450.msg9275568#msg9275568
Other Tracks:
Track 1: Hockenheimring: https://forum.blockland.us/index.php?topic=306237.0
Track 3 - TBA
Track 4 - TBA

Current Builders:
The Sir Rolfe (Me)
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Can't wait to see the final build, it's lookin' pretty awesome as it is. Keep it up.
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we already have soccer
we need blockland racing tourneys too

we already have soccer
we need blockland racing tourneys too
Blockland Association for Stock Car Auto Racing. BASCAR.

thats my mountain i dont know you!!!

(planr --- panolanr)

thats my mountain i dont know you!!!

(planr --- panolanr)

Hahahahahahaha... good one.

I hope everyone is liking this constant updating of this post with new images.

I just remembered how big this track is which is why I recommend you tone down the detail. I'd love to participate in the tourney but my computer is not good enough to handle a track that is this detailed all the way through.

Looking good! How many bricks is it at now?

Looking good! How many bricks is it at now?

Over 40000. I think 45000.

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The tourny's first proper sponsor! ;) (Not made by me)

Yay it's meeee