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Nothing is going to stop reverse engineering on a Nintendo product. Hell the Wii U emulator is now at full speed with audio.
Keeping it from having a dual-boot feature and such would definitely help against it lol

Lolno. The internals are being made by nVidia. It's even a using a custom Tegra chip. The chips that were designed for mobile Android devices.
So because it uses a certain chip means you can just ignore coding and everything? All the chip does is make it possible to happen or give games better performance in a mobile state. The extensive coding and testing the developers would have to do to implement a useless dual-boot would just make the cost go up to help compensate the amount of resources they had to use to make it happen. Plus they're only using a chip that is on phones to make it more portable friendly lol

In my opinion, if they go the way they did with the Wii U OS would be the best course of action. The Wii U's OS is already pretty good at having both Gaming and casual internet browsing or video watching, without the need of 2 OS's. If this new console goes the way they did with the OS from the previous, and polish it and give it much better features and code, it would really make the console amazing for all age groups and audiences

Making it have a dual-boot option would just unnessicarily complicate the system and how it'll be used, along with making it have the potential to make the costs higher and prolong the development.
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I was thinking more that you can boot between the two. Nintendos OS for games, and Android for general use. That would really make it a killer on the market

nah they're gonna use their own OS.

im not hyped at all because nintendo sucks and is behind in everything related to consoles

why do this
"nintendo is forgeted this holiday"
sure, a multi billion industry doesnt release a game in a month and boom nintendo is DOOMED
seriously what about the nes mini is this the nx
or the switch
or is the nx the switch is this the nx
or the switch
or is the nx the switch
The NX was the development name for the Switch

did anyone else notice the game cartridges being smaller

I usually don't like to buy any Nintendo consoles mainly because they have nothing really going for them aside from a few cool games, I'm actually interested in this one. But that doesn't mean I'm going to buy it.

Is this an add-on for the wii u?