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Notorious BIG
Notorious BIG is Bedpost's 5th account on the forums, he registered October 1st, 2016 and has an astounding 432 posts already, at a rate of 20.5 posts per day, many with little substance or contribution to the topic or discussion, I will give examples from his past accounts and his newest.


There's a big similarity between his old accounts and his newest, a theme of general scummy behavior, stuffposting without adding anything to the discussion/unfunny forced jokes that can be borderline spam, and aggressiveness towards people he doesn't like as well as attacking people his dislikes in threads whether it's logical or not such as Clownfish, Freek, and Damp. It's clear he's going to end up doing the same stuff as he did the past 4 accounts, get banned for it, and come back on another to continue the cycle.

i do agree that this guy is a very obvious troll, however it really looks like you were emotionally compelled to create this topic because he made one about you

i agree, he makes pointless arguments

Bedpost is like a roosterroach. Keep killing them, but they keep coming back...

Bedspot, please stop wasting your money on blockland just make a forum account to do the same stuff over and over again.

He's got the IQ of an average LMB user. Send him back to pre-school; I think he flunked out early.

i'm pretty sure you just made this to get back at him for drama'ing you, but i gotta admit, he's really annoying when he decides to go full-on stereotype.

and why the forget did he spend so much money on this game

Thank you, he needs to go

i'm pretty sure you just made this to get back at him for drama'ing you
I've actually planned on drama'ing him before this since he was 1. bedpost and 2. already acting like a tard, this just confirmed my decision.

he doesn't spam discords tho.

the title has no spaces in it so it's stretching the board div

the title has no spaces in it so it's stretching the board div
i'm proud of the title, it's beautiful

This guy has been an overall starfish to me since I came back,
First he sent me some PMs:
I feel that you will end up being problematic.
I then asked him who he was and he sent me this:

Don't go apestuff over a drama. Remember what happened on your other account.

Then I asked him a simple question on a topic, where several people had asked him to specify only with the responses "Read OP" or "I didn't make it in time", except for mine, instead he jumps straight to hostility.
Ask Me Anything Related To This Topic.

I didn't make it in time so gotta stay in detention. Will answer everyone's questions when I get out.
Why did you get in detention
Read the topic again.
Didn't make what in time, dammit op, why so vague?
Leave and don't come back.

needless to say

"i feel like you will end up being problematic"
>bedpost 5th alt

i'm proud of the title, it's beautiful
it triggers me that they're not in chronological order too