Author Topic: Mirror/reupload of more onRelay targets and onBotDamaged?  (Read 709 times)

Does anyone know of a mirror or have the files for these two? Primarily the more relay targets one. The links are both saying there's too much traffic on that user's links so they've been temporarily disabled.

why does nobody ever respond to my topics

should probably ask viso for that

why does nobody ever respond to my topics
What are you talking about? No one is responding to this topic because no one has a download. I'm also a bit busy in life so I barely look at the forums.

I do have some downloads since I have made them:

The dump folder ( will have more add-ons in it as long as people contact me what they want that has a broken link
This is probably the only folder that everyone can see what files are in it

EDIT: Advanced Bot = Kyuande = Visolator?
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