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Does anybody have /title past version 3 30? I can't join my own server because my version is too old, and google stopped hosting Xal's newest version.
Nothing fancy needed, just looking for a copy.
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Could probably just set $RSC::Revision = 0; to 30 in the client.

Could probably just set $RSC::Revision = 0; to 30 in the client.
would that break soPhysician Prescribed Desoxyning?
Also where do I put that?

in your console
I hope you mean in another server first, because i get kicked the moment I enter
Edit: Quick update, dedicated server, which is already annoying as it is, is now having a fit about updating an add-on that is not even a part of the gamemode it's been instructed to run. Good Christ why did I think any of this would be easy

Moved it, testing now.

And final edit, no matter what I try, the dedicated server now refuses to run the gamemode. I haven't done anything, it just changed its mind about the whole thing.
I'm going to sleep, forget this mess.

Edit: I'll be keeping an eye on this if anyone has any ideas. Thanks for the help so far.

EDIT: Okay, I got everything working. Also I'm banned for 15 minutes because I didn't have helmet binded properly. Just ironing out the kinks...
Anyway, for those who wish to host spacemod:
go into your gamemode folder and find Main.cs
open it with notepad, whatever.
at the top of the file you'll see soPhysician Prescribed Desoxyning like this:
Code: [Select]
$RSM::RequiredRSCVersion = 30;
$RSM::LatestRSCVersion = 30; //Latest RS Client revision.
$RSM::WelcomeMessage = "\c2Welcome to Realistic Space Mod, \c3%1\c2!";
So, we've got the topmost line saying you require version 30. I don't have 30, I have 1.
let's just tweak it like so;
Code: [Select]
[b]$RSM::RequiredRSCVersion = 0;[/b]
$RSM::LatestRSCVersion = 30; //Latest RS Client revision.
$RSM::WelcomeMessage = "\c2Welcome to Realistic Space Mod, \c3%1\c2!";
and voila! literally anyone will be able to join in with whatever version they have clunking around.
Then I just kept trying to start the dedicated server until it stops being fussy with UPnP.

MASSIVE FLAMING DISCLAIMER, I didn't make this, I am almost certain that this will break certain parts, but forget it, I can play it, so have at it folks! I'll be hosting this for a bit, and Xal will probably rip me a new one for butchering his code.
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oh hey that's cool it won't load the space station.
or asteroids.
or anything.
keeps telling me " is loading bricks", so I guess it's trying.
I just spawn in the middle of nowhere with no oxygen. I really wish this gamemode was more user friendly...

EDIT: look in your server folder, should have a copy of the autosave. Delete all the autosaves and any other saves related to the mod. It'll create a new one, and the game will work.
Keep in mind the station has no ownership, so people can hammer the walls apart.
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