What would you like our base to be ?

Big base made out of a ship on a bunch of Archipelagos.
9 (25%)
A large af pirate themed spaceship with skeleton bodyparts.
27 (75%)

Total Members Voted: 32

Author Topic: The bone rattelers (WE HAVE DISCORD NOW)  (Read 8838 times)

its not but they're both pretty spooky

Let me join, I've got lots of milk in fact, I've got a skele-TON of milk...
Get in, now.
-Content image not allowed for bones below 180 years of age time-
let me join i have tons of skeleton research

so when do base
When i get muh pc, currently im on my father's ex laptop which is on life support.

let me in
Me irl
Yeh sure my man you are good.
Also check the first page for discord link.
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