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I forgot to include the new map in the download  when I last updated, so I just added it now. It is called Bayside City.

Server is up.
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I want to try hosting this, but wanted to ask: Is Return to Blockland absolutely required? Will the gamemode break or be negatively affected if I were to remove ADDON System_ReturnToBlockland from gamemode.txt?

Edit: Did that, doesn't seem like anythings broken.
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Download stats looking good... sort of

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that dude stole that guys pizza

Download link fixed

can you at least remove the return to blockland priority? that breaks BLG and it's kinda boring re-doing the same thing

 O h n o

 d o c t o r c o n n o r s   c l a s s

d o n t w o r r y m I s t e r a z I z

t h e s e p I z z a s a r e I n g o o d h a n d s

if I flip the pizzas, mr. aziz will flip out

It'd be a miracle if those pizzas are even r e c o g n I z e a b l e by now