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Author Topic: FASTKarts v10  (Read 37294 times)

why is this the only replyable thread

because game modes topic is slow

what if we added a vehicle shop like what anthonyrules' speedkart wants to add

and maybe you pay in wins or some system of exp

ideas for vehicles:
Buffed Horse - 50 exp - A horse that goes as fast as a kart.
Buffed 4 Seater Horse - 200 exp - 4 times the seats, 4 times the exp.
Tiny Tank - 300 exp - You can't shoot anyone in it, but you can race.
Full-Sized Jeep - 300 exp - Share a jeep with your friends!
Skiis - 500 exp - A new car in your hands!

These are just tiny ideas for something that probably can't or won't happen.
how about we add a button that sends a swat team to anthonyrules' house

An exp system would only work as a meme / satire.

"Joke" vehicles exist, like the jetski and the plane, but they're still drivable and I've seen some neat things done using them.

Ignoring the stupidity of an exp system, why the hell would a horse work as a kart?

On top of that, why a 4 seater horse? If I were forced to add the horse as a "kart" I'd give it more seats anyway, since the other karts already have like 5 seats.

Tiny tank sounds like it'll be a neat idea for another kart model, but why restrict it behind this exp system?

SpeedKart Jeep exists, adding a normal jeep just wouldn't work. Why add things that don't work behind an exp system?

Skis - self explanatory.

I know I said to just throw out any ideas you have, but I'm not making a meme gamemode. I know the name doesn't really make it seem like that's the case. (that's my main regret with the gamemode, i should have called it something like speedkart overhaul) but I suggest playing the gamemode first and telling me what would make the gamemode a lot more fun.

Stuff I have already implemented into v11 so far:
- Server music, chooses a random song at the start of the race.
- Server music speeds up when a player reaches the final lap.
- Tracks being able to set their own theme. (the superkart track ports use this feature now)
- Being able to disable boombox using a pref.
- Track types and origins, similiar to map themes and categories from DeathMatch.
- Lap counter in the bottom print will now display the final lap of the track. (Lap: 1/3)

Stuff I plan to or want to add:
- Mario-kart-like powerups, exclusive to a powerup round type that might replace the rocket round type.
- Item boxes distributed throughout the track, just like mario kart.
- Battle tracks using the powerups.
- Sounds that play when you pass a lap, reach the final lap, win the race, and potentially more.
- MicroCars as new karts. (maybe?)

You can even test out this indev version by way of this link: https://github.com/piber20/BL-FK-GameMode

I expanded the flipping feature, into this:

This will be included in v11, and should make gameplay a lot more interesting especially for people who insist on using strafe controls.
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