Author Topic: PSA: Forum accounts are being compromised  (Read 20814 times)

Thank you for the breaking news Queeba.

if I do anything, it's not me. I never have any bad intention around here, and if my account is compromised, I'd appreciate it if my current one is kept how it is.

just saying as a heads up. thanks for sending a pm thought ike, I wouldn't have seen this if you didn't send me it

though* blame mobile

i forgot how literally retarded zapk was

Apparently, from what I heard, there /may/ be an exploit with the private messaging system that allows you to get the account info of people you send a PM to or something. I'd go into your PM settings and block all PMs, just to be on the safe side for now.
I responded before I knew what it was. here is a copy of the pm and who all else it was sent to

holy forget pagestrech sorry guys

holy forget pagestrech sorry guys
dont worry, atleast you took the screencap at 9:11 am
another minute off and you would've missed it

Tfw the only joy you get out of life is being mildly annoying to strangers for about 10 minutes

holy forget pagestrech sorry guys
nah that isn't pagestretch

do NOT open ANY of his PM's for safety.

"forget maxx" thread has been set to off-limits, thread can no longer be viewed.

badspot is online, maxx's dox thread is gone
also most of the information in it was incorrect anyways

Well, isn't this just about the worst christmas present anyone could receive over the internet.

this is zapk / honno's discord and it's users. i suggest cutting all contact with all of these people besides kochieboy / tbp as they dont seem to be involved

also @kidalex and other people who were sent random bananas by zapk / misha: