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I made my own sequencer because the default one is pretty bad.

To place notes, click an empty square.
The upper area uses the synth sounds.
The lower area uses click sounds and some others.
Clicking the rows of colors will tell you what they sound like.

> starts the sequencer.
If looping is enabled, it will repeat endlessly.
Most controls are disabled while this is on.

# stops the sequencer.

X removes all notes.

@ will toggle looping.

S will toggle the speaker.
If this is on, all sounds will come out of the single block next to the button.
Toggling this will also clear all notes.

? opens the manual.
It has info on all the buttons.

The first attachment, Seuqencer.bls, requires the following add-ons:

Download all at once here.

But if you don't want to download all of those, then download the "Sequencer (Default).bls" attachment.
It uses the default bricks and colorset.

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