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No, what I mean is. 1 USSR member, 1 harvest member, vs 2 <WEED> clan members.
This will do. If a Harvest member is willing to participate, someone may post it in here or the <WEED> thread.

We will either fight on Wednesday or Thursday. But expect a fight.

We doing this today or tomorrow?

I am a member of The Harvest and I declare war on the USSR.

коммунизм ведет к победе!
Что это мой товарищ?

op is a false commie
ofc he doesn't even know russian

When are we doing this today?

I have heard from an inside source that USSR has decided to cancel the TDM. Not only am I immensely disappointed, but also awaiting an answer on when this fight will begin.

The TDM was hosted, unfortunately due to our current weakness we have failed. <WEED> wins. This also means as punishment, we give ourselves to <WEED>. WE will have a tournament which will end up deciding the fate of the USSR.
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also USSR was already, like, the OG blockland clan