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I am hosting a OpenTTD server currently. It is a server shared with another community called "Empiresmod".

The server name is "BLF and Empiresmod OpenTTD Server"

The password is "Nice Day"

Addons will be automatically downloaded when you try to join the server.

It will be in a temperate climate and have custom-tailored settings to do things like have no inflation and make Airports and Vehicles never expire. Alongside a realistic physics model for trains that is needed for Vactrains to work.

Rules are: No Industry Stealing

Dont intentionally block access to some routes

Dont sabotage your opponents vehicles

Dont cheat to advance yourself within the game: Example: Make companies to get multiple 100,000 starting euros

Use common sense

I probably will host this another day afterwards if you cant play today.
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i wish but i start work soon :(

lol every time a bl user starts a new game, we usually all use the same rules.