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Author Topic: How many people here still believes Bernie could win or is winning?  (Read 2510 times)

Someones butthurt

Sir I would like to inform you that my butt is not hurting, thank you very much

I think that he could have won if he won in the primaries.  The DNC was just foolish to side against someone who commanded the attention of a lot of sing voters; that is, those who demanded radical change in whatever form they could get.  Hillary Clinton didn't have a grasp on that group as she is exactly what this group is repulsed against, so naturally, those once-easily-accounted-for voters sided with Trump.

As far as the state of things now, I think there is a slim chance of him being sworn in, but note I believe that this is VERY, VERY slim.  The events that would need to occur are tremendous.  First, Trump would have to be found as irrefutably illegitimate, and thus he and his cabinet are ejected in its entirety.  From there, Hillary Clinton, as the runner-up, might be able to assume this position, but I'm not sure if this is the actual Constitutional process or not.  But IF she is, she would also have to be found of being elected illegitimately and have herself AND HER ENTIRE CABINET ejected.  Since she a the runner-up, it is hard to definitively prove how she rigged it, but cases could be brought up regarding a fraudulent primary victory, and, if such a difficult process is won, then Bernie might just maybe have a shot at getting sworn in.  But these chances are slim to none.  I think if it would happen, it would be a COLOSSAL upset in American politics, probably inciting a huge anti-establishment movement and sparking strong anti-Republican and anti-Democrat party feuds across the nation.  People would be in such turmoil wondering how the great American Republic had failed them.  I would be very surprised if something like this came to pass, but if it would happen, I would not be surprised to see riots, rebellions, and widespread (much more than we have seen in our time) secession movements surging the nation.  While in my personal belief, I would want Bernie to be president, I believe that it is far too late for such an event to happen; it would show that our role as voters has little value, and would be an infamous upset that would dwarf Pearl Harbor.  It would do far much more harm than good, and I think that even Bernie knows that, and I believe that he would refuse the position, and himself be concerned at the lack of influence that the government has to maintain abiding and resolute elections.

the speaker of the house, not cabinet members, are next in the line of succession after the president and vice president.