Do you like the new city?

Yeah! its a nice mix of north amercian cities
76 (36.2%)
Yes its made with default bricks!
42 (20%)
Im called Badspot and i dont know what an add-on is
56 (26.7%)
Yeah but its not my style :S
10 (4.8%)
Did you notice there was no choice 6?
26 (12.4%)

Total Members Voted: 197

Author Topic: Brickadia City - Cohort Team  (Read 45128 times)

Brings a tear to my eye, I love it

ONO! ecologsits wont like!!

that is very ok i guess

I have no strong feelings one way or the other.

best city in blockland change my mind

its a meme between ant and i, you wouldnt understand lol

Sylv how strong is your computer holy stuff

2012 stuff
thx 770 2gb, 8gb ddr3 and 256gb ssd lol nothing big

also forget me:

Nice tollbooths! Are they tall enough for trucks/buses?

they are 36 plates high it should be enough, it works fine with the city bus so ye i guess it work with trucks too