Do you like the new city?

Yeah! its a nice mix of north amercian cities
76 (36.2%)
Yes its made with default bricks!
42 (20%)
Im called Badspot and i dont know what an add-on is
56 (26.7%)
Yeah but its not my style :S
10 (4.8%)
Did you notice there was no choice 6?
26 (12.4%)

Total Members Voted: 197

Author Topic: Brickadia City - Cohort Team  (Read 47273 times)

saying something different than "its ok i guess" is SO rare from you thta i have to quote, for posterity, you know! :P thanks


Sylvanor this looks fantastic! Keep up the top notch work my dude

ono i should not be afk for 10 hours straight :S

It would suck to live there during games.

but all of theses people love games so its all ok
also its brother hood coz low price houses stuck between highway and stadium no ones care

ono i should not be afk for 10 hours straight :S

yeah you shouldn't

you didn't say hi


its going fast, 5/6 houses a day
I plan to add around 50 houses (around 25000 bricks) to 70, idk yet but its gonna be very very large!
Inspiration from los angeles suburban area
Theses houses have no interiors but have a x7 ceiling ability, anyone can save them to use as they want

for the very rare people that folow this project, today's progress was a church

Based off Lutheran Church of resurrection, Halifax, with some modifications

All is handmade
Dirt road to the mining sites

looks quite ok actually
omfg thanks its my first time with x4 x8 cubes, time eater but such results!

terrain is lovey af, skill should take notes