Do you like the new city?

Yeah! its a nice mix of north amercian cities
76 (35.8%)
Yes its made with default bricks!
44 (20.8%)
Im called Badspot and i dont know what an add-on is
56 (26.4%)
Yeah but its not my style :S
10 (4.7%)
Did you notice there was no choice 6?
26 (12.3%)

Total Members Voted: 199

Author Topic: Brickadia City - Cohort Team  (Read 54448 times)

sylv asked me to post a pic of me in the city

why do you look like you just ate babies?

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why do you look like you just ate babies?
maybe i did

that skyline is beautiful

also it needs more rooftop gardens

Multiplex mall
Finally some big modern sht

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Ton of progress has been made since last post

Good god that airport is beautiful so far

building things vertical like thatf seems like a pain in the ass

airport is forgetin magic goddamn

Check the progress on bc