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Author Topic: Sub Rosa Alpha v25 (Available for purchase, again. v26 potentially soon) {Poll}  (Read 1067 times)

General Overview
SubRosa is a game focused on your wits. Your goal is to join a company and make as much money as you can through any means necessary. The game features a total of five companies each with their own name and color. The game is played in an open city where players can purchase or steal cars from the AI and other players.

Gameplay Basics
In SubRosa there are two basic categories of missions: PVP and PVE. The first category of missions, PVP, comprises of player organized business deals. These deals involve two to three player-run companies having to negotiate buying and selling information discs between each other. There are five colors of discs. Each disc has its own value, depending on the mission. (Gold discs are always the most valuable, and red is usually the least important) The second mission category, PVE, involves one or more companies hunting down an information disc from an NPC organization. The discs can either be inside an NPC company building, or riding around in an armed limo. More than one company can be sent after an NPC owned disc, which sometimes leads to some crazy firefights.

The weapons in SubRosa are unlike anything I've seen in any other games. The reload system takes some getting used to, as you have to manage both of your player's hands instead of pressing a single button. It really is difficult once you first start playing, but it adds an interesting level of depth to combat. Weapons are purchased inside your corresponding company's base or at weapon shops.

The Companies
Each company is distinguished by the color of the tie and/or suit of the player. MegaCorp, the NPC faction, can be identified by a suit with no tie.
OXS International (Black)
Monsota (Blue)
Nexaco (Red)
Goldman (Yellow/Gold)
Pentacom (White)
MegaCorp (NPC Faction)
Last I checked, MegaCorp is also the name of a SubRosa clan, who typically chooses OXS as their company; if mentioned through the in-game missions, the game is referencing the NPC faction.

iDubbbz playing v24 (a little outdated, but the gameplay is generally the same)
BlueDrake42's most recent livestream (uploaded March 21st)

There's also a discord for the game, but I'm too lazy to track that down. You could likely find the link on reddit.

Buying The Game

SubRosa is currently in Alpha version 25, on sale for $19.99 USD
The game's website

Original SubRosa
SubRosa was created back in roughly 2011 for an indie game development competition, and the originals can still be played for free. (Just know, the old versions are drastically different from the current game.)
You can check old SubRosa here.

Personal Comments
SubRosa is definitely an interesting game, though a lot of the experience is up to the player. It should also be kept in mind that the developer takes his time. He has a reputation of making very fun games, but never completing them.
With SubRosa you can at least have a little more faith, because it's a lot further along than the majority of his games and it's actually on steam with a consistent player base.
I'd also like to say that I skipped over a lot of information while making this first iteration of this topic. If you have any interest in finding out the specifics of the game, the two videos I provided demonstrate the game very well. I will likely make a couple of updates to this topic, depending on the attention it receives.
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For Returning Players:
SubRosa recently went back on sale after roughly three months. The player base had a small explosion in the last two weeks, and the developer is quite close to releasing the next update, v26. If you want to see images of v26 check out Crypticsea's twitter.
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wicked, I played this game when it was a baby



I started a poll, and if anyone who has the game wants I can collect a list of active players.