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I have created a mod peace treatie, this will also be posted on the TBM forums for the creators to sign, i would appreciate if the current leaders of: BLM, RTB and AiO-R would please sign this:

Wahahahaha, no signatures XD

Hmmm... What if people just signed it and broke it? Its not really doing anything, and peace treaties are broken all the time.
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Would be great, except: "you also agree to not immidiatly ban another mod from your forums, servers, this petition is for the peoples sake of choosing any mod they wish without worrying about mod wars"

I tried that. Doesn't work. The users of both mods can't handle friendly reccomendations, and it just turns into flame wars. The open idea thing failed terribly on RTB's forums, and I'm not about to let it happen again. Nice idea though.

I signed but others gotta sign for it to mean anything.

Well this newb came to me and he said he was making his own mod. And as everybody knows well atleast I do TUM SWM Neo so and so and so forth are based on BLM.  I said that and he disagreed. So I asked him to sign the petition. He refused. I said why.

Dark Knight says:
yeah thats right, i will steal and for some reason nobody will notice and everybody will love me

He was going on about how everybody did it to me already and TBM.

EDIT now hes saying he has to make a website so he can sign I said he can just make a Null there.

I am that 'newb' which you speak of, and no i dont think i said what you put there.

Regarding TBM: I said 'why do you care [about the peace treaty], it only regards mostly TBM and RTB.' Although i dont know a lot as i stopped looking here for a while now, i do suppost that the main mods which are concerned in this treaty are TBM and RTB.

Regarding my mod: Im not too sure what u said in your post but here is what happened in the conversation. 'No [disagreeing that every mod is made on BLM], my mod is based on vanilla.'

I started this conversation with a friendly 'hi' and 'what u been up to?' and then i was suddenly accused of stealing from mods just because i didnt want to sign the treaty because i was about to make a forum which i could later add to my signature of the treaty.

Its too late now although i do think that mod wars have died down recently.

And with regards to this:

'Dark Knight says:
yeah thats right, i will steal and for some reason nobody will notice and everybody will love me'

That was sarcasm. I was saying that if i did steal, people would hate me so why would i do it?

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My thoughts on this are on the TBM forum should anyone care to read them.

I am not signing a peace treaty because you just can't post your name on something and think everything is fine and dandy