Author Topic: Star Wars Content Creation Clan [Hoth]  (Read 12075 times)

loving vote me in then goddamnit what are you waiting for

loving vote me in then goddamnit what are you waiting for
sorry, one of us is taking ages to vote

You could throw me up there for later. Once I get stuff sorted out, I will definitely be down for funding and directing a big-ass star wars roleplay server to kick up some more interest in blockland after new year's.

PhantOS is now a Jedi Master

Block Wars: The Blockpire Done Goofed added to projects

im working on an update on my blaster pack so that it will be more balanced and include some battlefront 1 and 2 guns
in the process of moving so i'll be inactive for maybe another week tho

may the fourth be with yall

this makes me want to redo my lightsabers

putta me on the councily

Working on a death star build, will post some pics if I ever apply.

Just want to point out this isn't dead. We've been working on some block wars stuff, however it is not in a state where we can take screenshots yet.

Bump. Some still in progress.

that star destroyer is loving ridiculous

Is the sd a vehicle or a build?

It's a build and it's super loving impressive

Bump. Some still in progress.
The force is clearly with this one.