Author Topic: Tracks: A pay-what-you-want wooden traintrack building simulator  (Read 516 times)

Tracks is one of those tiny games that has fantastic potential. You build a wooden traintrack, just like when you were little, and drive a tiny train along it.

Dev description:

"Design a track with the simple editor, just look in the direction you want the track to go. When you're done, ride along it in a toy train."

game linko my communist pinko

some hot train-on-track gameplay

with talking british explainer and jokeman

What do you think? Worth a buck?

shut the forget up and give me a download link bunny bitch
Not warez, true pay-what-you-want, IE, free.
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this is actually p neat, used to love making these things as a wee lil kid

Update: Download link added. It's free!

This is giving me some serious Chris Sawyer's Locomotion nostalgia.

i meaaaan it's fun for a good 5 mins