Author Topic: pie crust needs to loving stop  (Read 27318 times)

by doing this he's breaking discord's tos and could get me, unova and some other blf users in trouble with the law

you will not get in trouble with the law LOL

bestiality is illegal in the us and pie crust is the only foreign user on the discord
somebody once posted a gory image on another discord and an admin threw a fit on how he had to delete it because it could get everyone on the server arrested or something
even if it's loving degeneracy

are you loving kidding me

also the guy with the stuff emote for a name is me

first time didnt work oops

hogan ur drunk it worked the first time

/support, this stuff is not okay. at all.

you should have censored the entire image every time o god i can't get eye bleach fast enough

hogan ur drunk it worked the first time

sorry for kinda derailing heres another

K I L L  M E  P L E A S E

yeah now that is too far