Author Topic: anthony is leaving smosh  (Read 2445 times)


I don't know what there is to be said. I know most of us here no longer watch or never did watch smosh but everyone here knows who they are. this change is probably going to put the channel in a worse position than it already is

lol they look so old now

Smosh was the stuff back then, I've seen their recent videos and they still have the same style as they did back in 2010 - 2011. It's a shame to see Anthony go :(

smosh is the epitome of 'LOL RANDOM' culture

Smosh is still around?
I thought they fell into obscurity.

i honestly forgot smosh was even a thing
but good for him that he's gonna do stuff independently now

2008 was a wild time

you gotta feel bad for him though because he was dating this girl for years and then she dumped him while they were like 2 months from wedding

well... i guess its time to end it all...

smosh is older than the kids watching it