Author Topic: thekid can't hold all these frogs (art ft. commissions)  (Read 44088 times)

Can you make this in your style, but also clothed in a t-shirt and jeans or something casual, and female instead of male? (by CarnivorousAlice)
exoskeleton color is something like

eye pupil is black but the surrounding colours are whatever matches

also dis which is suppose to be sorta an anthropomorphic jungle cat(?).
thanks, really love your art :D
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did i just kill thekid with my drawing

draw doraezach in this pose

hi i did almost none of these rqs except for stellarnaut and .avi

commissions open

click image to go to page

various requests/commissions

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about time you decided to charge more often cause this is some solid stuff 👌

Your art is very high-quality and your style is very nice. :)

*toad bup noise*
last time he was active was last post

i think he's forgetignd ead

like all of his art is forgetin fetish art
not like we lost much

like all of his art is forgetin fetish art
You say this about everyone, but how is TheKid's art "fetish"-y?

even if it was fetishy (which it really isn't to be honest) i still love his style