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Shark Adventure 2 : Electric Boogaloo!
It's back holy stuff

Shark Adventure is that forum game that had Shark (and friends he finds on his journey) fighting enemies and other stuff like that

Instructions to join :
Simply give me your avatar and you're ready to join Shark on his quest, people who join after the second page will need to be
fought before they can join the group

Enemies : To submit an enemy, just give me a transparent picture of the enemy, and it will be seen later.

This will be updated (hopefully) every sunday.

i want to join the fight

can i be the first person to be fought

my hp is 1000 and my weapon is an attack poodle

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i shall fight with normal sword
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ill use myself to shoot bullets.
im a submachine gun

also, 1300 life

commence venture

edit: heres an enemy
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I want to be an enemy

am arch enemy.
Summons other enemies to the buttlefield.
I mostly summon gay research actors, birthday clowns and lovecraftian hentai monsters.
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I would like to join. So, here's my avatar. EDIT: Forgot to put my pet and an enemy, headcrab is pet (if you have played HL2 you know where im going with this) and the spy is an enemy
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heres mine
i attack with a staff with a blade on it
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dont judge me but i have to put this useless nutjob to use, i wanna beat him up rn
heres my avatar(to the left)
oh and by rn i mean RN


(Insert entire paragraph about how ROBLOX is good and all.)