Author Topic: Need a drawing tablet for school. What do you recommend  (Read 1624 times)

I'm really leaning towards an intuos but if I can get a decent tablet with a screen I will

What do you guys think of this one?
Yay, Nay, or Gay?
probably going to have the same portability issues as the mp22, and almost certainly going to have inferior driver support compared to wacom products. also the pen has to be recharged which is something that might be kinda annoying to deal with

I think it comes with 2 pens. Plus if it's the same size as the laptop I need to get (screen size for laptop has to be at least 15.6 inches) Then this wont be a problem

well it's not just the size, you also gotta plug that bad boy into the wall and connect it via USB and HDMI, which may not be the best for smth you want to set up and take down quick and easy

the tablet i suggested is usb only

Yeah I'm probably going to get an intuos

Thinkpad X230 tablet version for around 150$ is pretty damn good