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Basile 5 is a survival horror adventure game created by Blockaloni and the team of Cyclone
Games. The game features a gripping horror story with fully developed characters that have
their own hopes and values. Your gameplay experience will change based on your intuition.
When approached by a threat, will you stop, drop and roll? Or will you get up and run?

Set in the dark and unforgiving Belhurst Castle, the Basile series returns more horrific than
ever before. Discover the darkest secrets of Belhurst, and see how long you can delay your
inevitable death. Relive the survival horror for the fifth time, in a cat-and- mouse Chainsaw
Massacre. Legend says, there once was, and will be for times to come... blood.


User Reviews:

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Clan thread coming soon | Public Group | Dev Group | Discord | Patreon

Basile 5 is a game by Cyclone Games

Cyclone Games is a small group of horror game developers creating games using the Blockland platform.
Horror game development was a unorganized pastime of Blockaloni in late November of 2011 to November
of 2014 before Macgyverthehero and Xenos the Red helped with creating the successful "Cyclone Games"
in December of 2014. Our first major horror game released under the Cyclone Games name was Basile 5,
which released in July of 2016. Future titles include Hamon's Game, Challenger, and Popobawa. Our full
team consists of Allun Pentax, Blockaloni, Dragonfeet, Macgyverthehero, Mr. Nobody, Rose the Floran and
Xenos the Red. We hope you enjoy our games. Join the steam community group for all alerts!
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Server is now online! Opening at 8:30 PM. EST

i really enjoyed this game and the amount of effort that went into it. since i am bad at writing i dont have any words left. good job though

thanks to opportunity for guiding me through the second part.

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Server hosting concluded as of 1:08 AM EST.

just host a dedicated sever nerd

just host a dedicated sever nerd

The server requires the host and administrators to function properly.


The server requires the host and administrators to function properly.
what do the other admins do? the few times i sent an adminhelp due to being stuck i got no response. there's only one monster, the host, too

That'd Be cool if there was a download. And i Never see your servers.

0/10 hamon's a friend

Loved the basile series and these other games look very interesting. Wish this was hosted more.

Might host tonight at 8. Stay tuned!

forget I wish I didn't have to work tonight. Looks fun man!

Server is up! Sorry for the delay