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I am making a hatmod for my server using models from Packer and Cowboy Dude. The hatmod works ingame and all the models are correctly coloured and loaded, but the hat 'TiePilot'  has colouring issues. The main helmet colour is not controlled by any of the .png files in the same folder, so how can I color it to be the same as the rest of the helmet?

The link at the top is a download, if you can get it working just send me the fixed link or tell me how to do it please.
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sure why not
What do you mean by this? Are you saying its possible to recolour or you can try help me or am I misunderstanding what you mean?

sometimes if you name the material assigned to a face any color thats already in the blockland assets (like red, yellow, blue, ect.) if blockland cant find that material in the add-on, it will replace it with the default material with the corresponding name in the actual game files.

a list of these colors are found in base/data/shapes

so what i would do is open that hat in blender and figure out which material it is that doesnt have an actual texture for it.

Opening the .dts file in blender just brings up a cube, not the actual model, how can I fix this?

thats probably because you're looking at bounds. check the parent list and click the eye on anything named bounds to hide it

either that or you didn't delete the cube that is added into blender when you start it up

Fixed it, thanks for helping