Author Topic: Gun Game Help  (Read 358 times)

Im trying to raise the limit on the gun game gamemode's weapon level from the default 20 to 25. Creating a minigame with this says i need to restart the server.

However, when i restart the server it defaults back to 20 instead of setting itself to 25.

How do i fix this?

you may be able to edit a number in preferences/the addon to default it to 25
not sure how gun game is supposed to work besides that, though

i already tried that and it didnt work.

theres another piece of code that makes the GUI boxes from 0 to 19 but i dont know if i should try to add any in by default

can you post the addon and what you were trying to change?


Theres another link on Blockland Glass that is a beta for 0.1.3 but it doesnt do anything different.

The items you suggested to change were in the file slayerRegistery.cs and the other thing about the GUI is in slayerLevelPrefs.cs

I tried to add more guns and it works.

The only problem is that the game ends after two kills to someone winning of a score of 20 points.

I fixed this as well by removing the points for killing players, which are locked at 10 by default.