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my aesthetics are basically old things like technology, toys etc and abandoned places


i will punch you if you use "aesthetic" as an adjective again

i will punch you if you use "aesthetic" as an adjective again
what a coincidence thats my aesthetic

Dude WEED bro
Bro i like WEED
this is some GOOD WEED BRO
SOME AEsthetic WEED bro

i was stuck on the train to central london for 20 minutes with a bunch of girls talking about their tumblr aesthetics and drinking habits last week, and the train was too crowded for me to move carriage

if a person has aesthetic but there's no one around to see it, does that person even really have any aesthetic at all?
the only aesthetic i could have is mean, impulsive, and manipulative because thats what ive been told since i was just a tiny little hoot
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i wear jeans and a tshirt more often than not

80s post apocalyptic stuff

Forests with BIG trees

Wood Grain and Black metal.

atheists will go to hell