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lord tony

this is a tribute to tony balony and his adult swim episode

lets take a look at a top 3 of tony jabroni's fighting moves

red text tony immediately hits him with the slowdance, such a gracious and courteous opening

holy MoLy, if you pay close attention to this tony maneuver, you can see him performing a charming spell on his opponent, tugging him back up when he falls, amazing, absolutely stunning

wow these pulling techniques are amazing, the opponent can't even stay put! what a fight

number 4 didnt make it to the top 3 but i want to show off his beautifull buttshove, wow, amazing

now that the amazing fighting moves are out of the way, lets take a look at our boy's posts. not in the traditional drama way tho, today we celebrate lord tony's post

her tattoo is not infected, looking great. She looks great.
is that your girlfriend
I wouldn't date stocking.

right here is the reason why stocking hasnt bought an alt. can you believe this burn went over everyone's heads??

I'm surprised tony can play that much considering his busy adult life.

Oh wait....
I make my own hours when you work at adult swim

e-maxx trying to take on the tony, HUGE mistake. obviously our boy tony is on the flexi-hour stuff, none of that part time crap

i genuinely dont understand how tony isnt BoS at this point.
For red text?

thank u tony for ur service for all these years and congrats on kicking butt on teevee

>say you hate the community and "quit"
>come back later under a different name
>forum suicide by making a stuffty joke thread

the endless toothed_deer/forgetlavender/donnies catch/hootaloo/whatever other names you've gone by cycle

okay but honestly seeing Badspot's avatar on the booch was pretty loving funny

Is that actually him on adult swim? That's pretty cool actually, and funny.

ill show you whos boss of this gym

wuts poppin 🅱️ony

this is my favorite thread

can i get my pizza ONYLESS please

put this on the chronological history of the blockland forums