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"Spray and pray."

What is this?
This is a remake of the classic Counter-Strike 1.6 for Blockland with it's own twist, play as a Terrorist or Counter-Terrorist and battle on unique maps to rescue hostages or plant bombs. We are currently looking for people to join development to finish this server/gamemode. If you are interested please PM me your discord or steam.

Defusal (de)
Description: The Ts have to plant the bomb at one of the two sites designated by the map maker, the CTs have to stop the bomb from being planted or defuse the bomb if it already is.
Win Conditions: Elimination, Timer (CT), Bomb defused (CT), Bomb exploding (T)
Maps: de_monument
Hostage Rescue (cs)
Description: The Ts have to guard the hostages and prevent the CTs from rescuing them, the CTs have to help the hostages escape.
Win Conditions: Elimination, Timer (T), Hostages rescued (CT)
Maps: none
Assassination (as)
Description: A classic gamemode, the Ts have to kill the VIP, the CTs have to help the VIP escape.
Win Conditions: Elimination, Timer (T), VIP escape (CT)
Maps: as_siena

Description: An assassination map set in Italy, features large open areas and various unique parkour tricks with an interesting layout and playstyles.
Layout (coming soon):
Made by: Jechii
Description: A more by the books map set in the Middle East with tight corners and open sites, pretty scenery, and a lot of paths to choose to outsmart your enemies, play careful, as every spot has it's own weakness. Also you can bounce nades off the statue's face which is pretty cool.
Layout: (coming soon)
Made by: celau, Geben/Meth, Jechii

How to submit your map:
1 - Choose your gamemode you want to make (defusal, assassination, hostage)
2 - Make the map with the modter bricks and textures (prints)
3 - PM a zip with the save file (and any extra add-ons you used in it) to celau (me) on the forums

- Designated spawn areas for the Ts and CTs
- Plays balanced
- Is finished, with functional gameplay possible, no way to escape the map or break immersion, and no map-breaking glitches
- Defusal: 2 bomb sites
- Hostage: Designated hostage recovery and spawn
- Fits the theme of the server
- Is not too small or large
- Comes with the save file for the map
- Little to no bricks that aren't modter

- Celau/Kelau (Models, Mapping, Scripting, Art) (DEV) (CO-FOUNDER)
- Jechii (Sounds, Mapping, Scripting) (DEV) (CO-FOUNDER)**
- Geben/Meth (Textures, Mapping) (DEV)
- Kidalex (Textures, Models) (DEV)
- Elm (Scripting) (DEV)*
- Simba (Scripting) (DEV)*
- Shizza04 (Models) (DEV)**
* These people have either left the project or have not made a contribution after my revoking drama thing, working with a smaller team now
** Confirmed leave

will expand on the topic soon (again)

thas a pretty good

gl on it y'all!!

thas a pretty good

gl on it y'all!!
oops it's dead again sorry

yor mom
if you need help with anything art related i'll help

oh yea I think I'm still a beta tester. Can't wait to play ass nation assasination

sorry I misspelled with my pen

did you get my ship??????

ass nation
lol that made me laugh sadly

ot: good that bl:cs is back

oh forget you have assassination?
im extremely erect

we're bringing this back soon eventually
progress is slow but we're getting there

If you guys need designs or such, I'm free. Let me know.