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kind of specific. but basically we are putting together a micro pc  + laser projector unit that will sit in the middle of the room pointing at the ceiling. for screen saver type of play. likely galaxy/stars or other cool nature kinda stuff. but decent PG or randomizing going on so its not just a lame video thats always the same.

forget, if you can make something i would pay well for it too. but otherwise im looking hard for appropriate stuff to do this.

- no videos
- yes random sim?
- maybe procedural generated?
- not a game, settings and options are cool, but basically set&forget

Is this just acting like a screen?

yeah its just any projector

plugged into any computer. im looking for decent content since all these types of things suck ass:

instead of a few turning stencils with 3 changing colors as they all seem to be, i want animated random moving things. basically acting like a screen saver, but an actual program to do so.

Do you specifically want galaxy/nature stuff or just stuff that's interesting to look at?

stars was always safe because its generic enough for anyone. but we have had aquarium types before, and flowers/trees/plants types before.

but crazy designs and stuff can be cool as long as speed and colors can be adjusted.

it's not a program but maybe one of these websites?

I love this idea actually :o

currently coding a kayaking simulator
I can see if I can adapt it later to just go down the river on its own

otherwise if you want something 2D, potentially with AI, that could be fun to make too

2d is fine.

i had phone app that had neat galaxy parallax animation. it was a few 2d layers of stars to simulate depth. main animated stars would appear in diff sizes and sometimes colors and eventually disappear. but it had a basic nasa photo looking background that didnt move (that part sucked). some clusters and asteroids and planets and other spacey stuff would appear and move. but if EVERYTHING was procedural generated, no background image, and moved and animated in entertaining ways.

i would pay good money lol. it seems so simple and obvious but i cant find this in existence.

we are decorating a pretty sweet chill room. lots of floor type seating. we arnt fans of art and other stuff on the walls, we are wanting something unique to always have in there.

my needs sounded pretty basic, but i guess there is no real limit to how complex or graphic it can get since its just running off whatever computer and monitor/projector you have.
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MilkDrop is pretty cool. It comes built in with WinAmp and it has a lot of presets available on the internet. It wouldn't be hard to just make a blank/muted MP3 file or something and keep it looping while MilkDrop shuffles through it's visualizations.

you've got the classic starfield, or you could give plane9 and its screensavers a shot