Author Topic: Turret not working (shows barrels down, turret slightly above the ground)  (Read 767 times)


So I'm trying to make some turrets again but either something changed in Blender since my last turret or I am loving something up by forgetting it. I've been trying for 3 hours to get it right but it just won't work. The barrels of the turret point down into the ground and the projectiles spawn way up into the sky. The turret also hovers slightly above the ground.

.blend file:
add-on .zip:

My main problem is that I am using the exact same rigging as another turret I made which works perfectly, so that's incredibly weird.

Thanks in advance.

EDIT: The turret is now working except the barrels are flipped 90 degrees. As in the player's view is 90 degrees ahread of the barrel rotation.
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I do not know much about modeling but sounds like you should export it differently

forget this it should 100% work now and it isn't I quit I give up forget torque blegh

I'll see what I can do when I get home at 5

Try increasing the look anim by one keyframe, and adding a middle keyframe where both eye and lasers are looking directly forward. also it looks like you're using Ports exporter, so make sure to include a Sequences text editor file where you define the priorities of the animations and whether or not they blend.
(bottom of this page:
(also if you aren't already exporting the animations as dsq in ports exporter, you should be)

Alright I couldn't fix the issue with the blend but I decided to rework it into 2.49b and export it through there so it works as intended in-game. Sorry if that's not the type of help you were not looking for. Sent a PM.
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also join the Blockland Content Creator Discord for fastest updates cause almost literally every modder is on there and can give you suggestions/help/feedback like right away

plus theres a ton of cool stuff people post in gallery so that too.