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Author Topic: OCS Fulcrum - Aircraft Carrier [WIP]  (Read 3111 times)

OCS Fulcrum - Aircraft Carrier [WIP]

Earlier this year I started work on my largest and most detailed build to date - the OCS Fulcrum supercarrier. It's so large that the footprint of the OCS Amity can fit inside the hangar with room to spare. Obviously this is still a work in progress.

Planned specifications:
700 beds across 4 decks (1400 crew capacity)
32 dedicated beds for rapid response aircrew
32 bed hospital
50+ fast jets (adaptable)
10+ helicopters (adaptable)
4 tender boats (18 person capacity)

5x Phalanx CIWS
4x 30mm Cannons
16+ GPMG machine guns

(distance shot to hide the lack of detailing on one side)
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I love brick vehicles and those fighter jets ya built, man they are beautiful

Made some progress on the starboard side. I've still got a lot of fine detailing work to do but all the major stuff is pretty much done.

Forward engine room is coming together. All the major components are in place, just the fine detailing left to do.

The ship uses integrated electic propulsion (IEP) so the gas turbines and diesel generators are not connected to the prop. Instead they feed electrical power to motors which are in turn connected to the props.

The view down into the weapons preperation area.

The mechanised lifts seen in the preperation area connect to tracks feeding to the aircraft hangar and flight deck, 6 decks above. Overhead is one of many access shafts for loading naval stores from the hangar to storage areas on the lower two decks.

this really is an incredible build. please consider releasing it on some database when you're done - a build like this would be a shame to lose to time.

Weapons preperation is almost finished and finally started work on the magazine. I've got something special in the works for the magazine so it probably won't be finished for a while.

Level of detail on such a large build is amazing.