Author Topic: The Dark Labyrinth (A short escape-the-room game)  (Read 309 times)

IMPORTANT: We will be using the game Exploit for the puzzles. I suggest you play the tutorial before beginning these puzzles.
Also note that you can cheat if you want, but that would break the fun of the game.

You wake up in a dimly-lit room, with an interesting lock in front of you. You can't remember much, but you DO remember how these locks work.

Puzzle Code:
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So have any of you solved it yet?

super easy
solved it


After going through the door, you see a key to your left and a door to your right, The door has 2 locks, only one can be unlocked with the key.

insert key on random lock

insert key on random lock

The lock opens, but you need to manually unlock the other.

Puzzle code:

You enter the next room, and you see 2 doors. One has 2 locks, each needs a separate key. The other has a lock, which you think you can open by yourself.

Puzzle Code:

You come to a room with 2 doors, a lock on each. Now which lock to do first...?