Author Topic: 1000 ways to get kicked out of walmart  (Read 14886 times)

97. yell "your mom gay" at all the cashiers

97. yell "your mom gay" at all the cashiers
98. yell "your dad gay" at all the restockers

99. doublepost to get 100

101. duct tape yourself to the ceiling

102. steal duct tape to do 101

103. Pour glue everywhere so that customers can never leave and once they pick something up, they have it, no returning it

104. run naked into the store, grab a cart, shove everything you can into it

105: Jacking off and then leaving.

106. drive an armored van into the entrance and drive through the store and run everybody and everything over.

107: take a bucket of fried chicken and throw it at people while screaming

108. bring your pet elephant into the store

96. Dropkick an employee
i misread this as "Drink an employee"
ontopic: 109. Go into the store with a fursuit on and run around making loud animal noises and asking people if you could forget them...

110. Release a bunch of venomous snakes into the store