Finally its here!

Im called Badspot and i dont know what an addon is!
20 (35.7%)
Well uh!
9 (16.1%)
Cool i needed it, after 2 years of waitng :)
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Author Topic: Technology Pack A [Now released]  (Read 6433 times)

MANY people asked for it (tbd pls)
and now its released! download them before the virus spread!

DOWLOAD AT http://www.cohortteam.com/ (no password required)

Credits: Leetzero, Sylvanor

- Reserved -

(its my thread, i can reserve 100 posts if i want)

i can feel the science coursing through my veins

cool stuff used ingame:

Now no more will we have to use a cone with a round on top to represent vials :000

ok crew
we're going out to cook in the meth lab out in the forest
none of hector's stuff this time, this is just for profit

the liquids in the vials can be colored as much as u want thats cool

this gets my seal of approval

sylv you're loving hot