Author Topic: steam halloween sale thread  (Read 727 times)

post your carts games you bought wishlists etc
uhh i really would like jazzpunk and dead by daylight, happy halloween

im gonna hack everyone accounts if they dont buy me stay stay DPRK

i bought sunless sea, which is only a few dollars

i would pick up the nonary games but I'm out of money 'cuz of odyssey
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I got Dead Space and Dead Space 2, rip visceral.
Also, holy forget I cannot believe Dead Space is almost a decade old.

Halloween is my birthday but I don't wanna ask for any games tbh, idk why. Its a weird feeling when I give my dad cash to get a game with his paypal

I've got the amnesia collection and i got plague inc: evolved on my alt and then i family shared it, because why not.

i am a fan of RPGmaker games lol.
these are all fairly new ones. half of these are decent quality, the other half are stuffty but contain just enough comedy and nudity to make it worth the price.

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