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dunno if this is important but there is a face above the bush on the right side of the house (or it could just be something else)

wait, i live in north carolina. and a friend lives in virgina.


wrong - that's a 2003-2009 sienna
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Hello? anyone there? I'm quite stuck at the moment, so sorry if responding to this message generates no response. My name is ████ ███████, and I don't seem to recognize any of my surroundings. Everything's dark, but i'm not afraid. it's almost calming. A serene dark, you know, that feeling you get when you complain to your parents about the monster under your bed, and they allow you to sleep in their bed. like, a presence is there with you, deflecting all sorts of danger. But I digress, it's still an unknown darkness altogether, and this fact has me perturbed. I see what appears to be people sometimes in the distance from the corner of my eye in this dark plane, but they seem to dissipate the second I look at them. despite what I have said earlier, regarding my safety, and how I feel, these people, they give off the opposing vibe when encountered. I fear for my life when I see them, and they only get closer after each viewing, Frankly I don't know what I need to do to get rid of this, do I look at them or do I look away in fear? either way, they get closer and I feel the back of my head start to spasm uncontrollably upon viewing them. I fear that my time here is short. I hope that whatever guardian is looking out for me does it's job, hoping that there indeed IS a guardian

-Heres to hoping this is found, ████

My best bets are Maxx or Darth C3P0

gimmie that theta core os