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I am trying to create an expansion for the Military clothing addon made by Gravity Cat, but I don't know where to start. If you can give me any advice and possibly a easy program to use I will be very grateful. Thanks.
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Avoid ambiguous topic names.

after changing your topic title, you'll probably be best off starting to learn how to model.

the Blender: Noob to Pro wikibook for blender 2.7# would probably be a good place to start, you can also look up videos and such. once you can model and texture then you can start modeling for blockland

Ignore the above post; use sketchup

Ignore the above post; use sketchup

delete this

In all seriousness though, take a look at both programs and decide which one would be best for you. Blender is super powerful and very much worth learning imo, but it can be a little difficult to grasp, so you might want to give sketchup a look as well.
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If you are into awesome features but high learning curve, try Blender.

If you want things simpler (less features), try sketchup.

Ignore the above 3 posts; use sketchup

Ignore the above 3 posts; use sketchup
It doesnt hurt to try blender

ketchup is stuffty so is sketchup

but it hurts to use blender

Just depends on what you are used to.

I've used Blender 2.49b so much that it feels more comfortable to me than 2.7x :(