Author Topic: Shadows not working... with a 4GB AMD GPU?  (Read 828 times)

Blockland's shaders are working fine, it's when the settings are turned up so that there are shadows.

Yes it's a new MacBook Pro 15" 2017, the top spec model with 4GB AMD GPU and 1GB of Intel HD Graphics. But a game like Blockland isn't exactly Deus Ex: Mankind Divided so shaders AND shadows should work no problem even with just a couple of gigs of even intel HD Graphics.

I've played Blockland since 2007/8, bought it in 2010 and have played it since 2014, then got it again later in 2015 then stopped playing early 2017 but now I got a new machine with decent specs and graphics, I was excited to try out shaders and shadows on maximum. ...and it just bugged out.

So will there be a fix for this devs? Especially since the game is a also for macOS, it would be appropriate if it was fully compliant to the systems that the game is designed for.

Thanks devs for the awesome game that really is my late childhood favourite, I just really want to experience the highest settings on this amazing piece of work!

shadows aren't supported on mac


The Mac rendering support is flimsy at best, there's not even an implementation for vbos which is like a basic requirement for block games now. It's just how it worked out for library support at the time, and it follows that shader support isn't there.

If you need a solution, you can try setting up a dual boot system and install either Linux or windows on a different partition. I don't know the exact steps to retain OSX but a quick Google search makes it look like it's easy.