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Ropes 3
* written by Zapk, but he gave me permission to post the addon.

Two years and one day after the release of 2.0, the next update is finished with many improvements, including the most requested feature.

Changes from 2.0.0
  • Added the Rope Tool.
  • Added rope saving/loading.
  • Added more preferences and commands.
  • Made ropes destroy-able with wands.
  • Made ropes undo-able.
  • Improved rope clipping.
  • Improved diameter algorithm.

  • /ropeHelp
    lists all rope commands
  • /clearRopes
    clears your own ropes
  • /ropeTool
    equips a Rope Tool
    aliases: /r, /ro, /rop, /rope, /ropeT, /ropeTo, /ropeToo
Admin Commands
  • /clearAllRopes
    clears all ropes on the server
  • /saveRopes [saveName]
    saves all ropes created with the Rope Tool
  • /loadRopes [saveName]
    loads ropes from a file; automatically clears ropes beforehand
  • /listRopeSaves
    lists all the rope save files on the server
Wrench Events
  • ropeToBricks
    [brick names] [colour] [diameter] [slack]
    Seperate brick names with spaces to create multiple ropes.
  • ropeClearAll
    Clears all ropes generated by the brick.
  • Slacked Rope Shapes
    Number of shapes to make up ropes with > 0 slack
  • Rope Tool Admin Only
    Whether or not only admins should have access to the Rope Tool.
  • Max Ropes for Non-Admins
    Max amount of ropes players can create with the Rope Tool.

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i need someone to show me the ropes of how this works

ill go to great lengths to understand it

(fr tho ty)

if I download this will it make my pc delet blockland

that city 17 build is sweet

Quick question
Can you make it so with a certain mode on the rope tool you can climb the ropes by clicking it, and with an animation?
That'd be loving awesome.


  • Added rope saving/loading.
You did WHAT!?

Edit: Oh, I was hoping it was a save/load off of the build
Rope saves persist past logout, right?
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There should just be some grapple rope tool that shoots out a line like this and when it connects the longer you hold down the button the tighter it gets. Shooting out another line would delete the old one.

this might sound weird but

can you possibly add destructible ropes that break when something like a melee hits it

Can anyone confirm if this can lag your sever if you add too many?

Edit: Oh, I was hoping it was a save/load off of the build
o yea this would make this perfect
Can anyone confirm if this can lag your sever if you add too many?
well i mean pretty much anything can lag ur server if u add too many of it right