Author Topic: forumers that live nearby to you  (Read 11464 times)

just curious who's near who, since it was pretty cool on my own
it just occurred to me when reading an old thread that coolguy lives in my same county of northern virginia and figured hey that's pretty cool, and im p sure e-maxx lives just over an hour away
any other virginia forgets who want to come out of the closet and forget at my place or na

camel, conad, pecon, .:fancypants:., thescout, placid, rambo1220, red spy

norcal forumers unite
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ik a couple other lads here also live in oklahoma
is our homa c:

Arizona army unite

GI of MA
any other forumers in Massachusetts?


apparently all the californians are in norcal

come to seattle we have the good eats

come to seattle we have the good eats
Good Eats was done in Georgia you dongus.
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ik mega-bear and hodot both live in ohio as well, but i doubt close to me.

Anyone here live in Charlotte County, Lee County, or a nearby county in Florida?
I am only 100 miles from Tampa/St Pete

Pretty much every Oklahoma forumer

Gr8dayseth and Mr.Zealot live less than 40 miles from me tho :^)

where my new mexico amigos at