Author Topic: What's interesting in a Blockland video to you?  (Read 2463 times)

I'm looking at a lot of machinimas for inspiration and so far only 8bitcube's videos make sense and are funny. The others are 100% random but get lots of views. What makes a machinima funny to you?

multiple people talking in it that aren't douchebags or 11 year olds

Machinima? Oh my god, when is the last time i even saw a machinima?

(muffled "forget snowbound" in the distance)
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i think itd be cool to see some more original voice acted work. im totally gonna plug myself cus i tried making something like that once and i really liked how it turned out. it made me want to make more since other people really like it but i have had no time to do it :(

good voice actors
funny jokes
good quality

The creativity, randomness and funny moments. A good example of a classic Blockland video is:


you dont sign a contract with machinima its an endless way out

anyways i quite like dumb lil skits

Dramatic lighting, sound effects for the old boys

It'd be cool if people used stop-motion in a Blockland video

Example of what I mean:

Before you ask I know it's poorly edited but it will give you an idea of what I'm talking about.